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The foundation of your most complete breakfast or lunch

Combine the Bee Box with fruit and (plantbased) dairy of your choice for the best experience and a healthy breakfast. If you are intolerant to an ingredient or simply don't like it, let us know. We'll prepare a customized version just for you!

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About Bee!

The best self-care for your body

We begrijpen iets pas écht wanneer we het ervaren. Kies daarom voor onze wetenschappelijk onderbouwde formule voor meer energieproductie, en betere brein- en sportprestaties. Het is een perfect gezond ontbijt om mee af te vallen en het is een ideaal voor intermittent fasting.

Get the facts!

Scientific evidence for nutrition is very difficult. However, we can give indications.

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30gr+ nuts

Thanks to the Bee box, you eat enough nuts to reduce the risk of various types of cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.[1]

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Vegan friendly

We are committed to offering all products as pure as possible, including months of shelf life and minimal footprint.

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No grains

There are no grains in our product. This is because grains contain anti-nutrients that are not good for us.

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Some nuts belong to the class of "nootropics" and have positive effects on the brain.[1] [2]

With the Bee box, you get enough nuts and seeds every day to grow an entire forest with. It is bizarre how much impact all those vitamins and minerals have on our body and brain


your healthy breakfast

Making the right choice the easy one

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Blender met noten en fruit

Hours of saturation, finally relieved !

A healthy breakfast with nuts and seeds provides energy for a long time. Therefore, you can focus more on your important goals!

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The Team

Together we get further

We have a deep passion and vision to do the best for your health, time and footprint.


What our customers think

We can think a lot about our own product, of course, but nothing speaks louder than the words of others.

Delicious. I now add the mix to my oatmeal and yogurt when I prepare them on the evening before, it's a very easy way to add nutrients and taste to my breakfast. I had the possibility of meeting the founder of Bee Brunch Box, and I believe in his mission.

Francesca Customer

Lekker ontbijt, super voedzaam, bespaart tijd en is eenvoudig mee te nemen voor onderweg. Bovendien zorg je met dit ontbijtje niet alleen voor jezelf, maar ook nog eens voor de natuur. Mooi meegenomen 🙂 Kortom een geweldig concept!

Koen Customer

Delicious and nutritious breakfast! Easy to make and take on the go. Super service and customer friendly service! I recommend it to everyone!

Fenna Customer

A super healthy, nutritious and high-energy breakfast/lunch. Received the first package a few weeks ago! Use it daily now!!!

Wil Customer

Easy and convenient a super good breakfast/lunch that tastes great. No need to go to an organic store to buy the ingredients. Therefore highly recommended!!!

Mia Customer


Frequently Asked Questions

The most important questions are presented for you right here. You can find the answers to these and other questions on our separate F.A.Q. page.

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